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Student Projects - Fall 2009

  • SPARC64 port-bind shellcode on NetBSD
  • Vulnerability analysis of the Flash file format
    - Quick guide to the Flash file format
    - Analysis of current exploits
    - Investigation of mitigation strategies
  • Reverse selected CSAW challenges from Stephen Ridley
  • Botnet take-over
    Specific botnet, contact me for details
  • ImmDBG/PyDebug script for automated malware analysis
    Specific malware family, contact me for details
  • Vulnerability analysis of Java deserialization bugs
    - Quick guide to deserialization bugs (if that's even possible)
    - Analysis of the calendar deserialization flaw
    - Development of simple tools to aid in discovery of additional flaws
  • Fuzz a custom web application
  • Fuzz a file format(s). Target: archive manager.
  • Fuzz a file format. Target: document reader.
  • Fuzz a file format. Target: Chinese software.
  • Find remote and client-side 0days in Win98

This post will be updated as more students submit status updates.

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Be sure to check Mike Lam's exhaustive Down in Flames Debriefing Report which included 31 participants. We are certainly looking forward to having Mike Lam and Jack Beckman back in 2010 for another great year of Down in Flames competition!
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